Blog Submission Guidelines

Guidelines for the blog:

Why Publish?

  • Positions the author as a thought leader or subject matter expert on a given topic.
  • Opportunity of advancement of author’s personal brand.
  • Opportunity for professional network building.
  • Pleasure of sharing knowledge or experiences

 Instructions for Author:

  • The Blog post must be useful to the readers of the ICF Hyderabad Blog, primarily coaching fraternity and coaching clients.
  • Preferred word count of the blog needs to be between 500 to 600 words. In case the blog is more than the 600 words, the author can break the blog into series and submit the complete series at one go.
  • The author has to share a short biography of around 100 words, along with a head shot or share the link to author’s LinkedIn profile. In case of a long bio, websites/publications, one can share the links.
  • Author also needs to share a headline to the post.
  • Spell check, grammar or any other correction or editing of the blog is the responsibility of the author.
  • In case one intends to release the blog on a particular date/week/month, kindly let the Publishing Team know in advance, who will try their best to accommodate the same.
  • Please note that the content of the blog has to be in compliance with ICF core competencies.
  • In order to ensure higher chances of approval of the blog or article, kindly share original ideas and perspectives to be able to provide a unique experience to the reader.
  • Please note that we only publish original, previously unpublished articles

Terms and Conditions:

  • The author has to be the ICF member to be able to contribute to the blog.
  • ICF Publishing Team can invite write ups from Non-ICF member by invitation.
  • Please note that the content of the blog has to be in compliance with ICF core competencies.

Publishing Details:

  • Each blog or article will be reviewed by the Editorial board of the publishing team and will be published only when the same is approved by them. In case any revision or modification is required, the publishing team will get in touch with the contributor with suggestions.
  • The decision regarding the time to publish will be at the discretion of the Editorial Board.
  • The authors may submit blogs as frequently as they wish. If you wish to preschedule multiple posts (i.e. weekly, monthly, quarterly etc.), then please coordinate with the publishing team.


After Publication:

  • The Publication team shall inform you once your Blog is published. Post that we encourage you to promote your post through social media channels.

Thinking corners:

This section is to help authors to generate best of ideas for the blogs. The blogs can be based on the following topics or beyond:

  • Past experiences
  • Case studies where there is a clear demonstration of coaching process/concepts/competencies for readers to learn from it. This could be in series exemplifying the end to end coaching interventions.
  • Coach’s niche and perspective around it.
  • A book that might have helped the author in your coaching practice
  • One can partner with other coaches from other countries to bring a diverse industry/cultural perspective on the same topic.

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