Humility is key to being a successful leader..

In my experience over the last 18 years I have come across many leaders some who are modest and others who are not humble. The ones that I remember and enjoyed working with were those who were down to earth, modest and were able to relate to what I had to express. It is because of this aspect that I truly believe that to be a successful leader it is very important that one needs to be modest. Furthermore, Quality of being humble is something that one needs to constantly to work towards building.

A leader with humility:-

Gains acceptability – It is generally viewed that people tend to accept and correlate well with people who are humble. The reason for that is people who are humble are open to ideas and converse openly without any prejudice

Achieves respect – With acceptability comes respect and modest leaders gain respect almost instantaneously and the admiration for these people is long lived

Ability to deliver results quickly – Acceptability and respect in turn leads to delivery of results. The entire team in turn believes in the leader and he/she is able to turn things around quickly.

Path to learning – A modest leader always wants to learn more and hence the evolution of oneself is never complete

Always ready to accept mistakes which in turn leads to better results and the path pf learning as mentioned in the earlier point

Always self introspects – With the urge to developing oneself and to achieve greater success a leader with humility is always self-introspecting and exploring avenues to do better

Able to understand emotions of other people and correlate, empathize with them and gain respect and build a strong sense of teamwork

In my own personal experiences I have come across many leaders, however the ones I remember and will always cherish are those who truly displayed the quality of being modest.

A single characteristic that distinguishes a leader from a dictator is Humility.

Finally, to summarize any one can become a leader but a successful leader will always be HUMBLE and be remembered for ages. It’s for us to choose who and what we need to be.


RajarmRajaram is an Operations executive managing healthcare accounts across India. In addition to being the India Delivery lead he is the (GDPL) Global Delivery Process Lead for Healthcare exploring new markets/solutions and special projects. Rajaram has expertise in starting operations, strategizing and ramp up. In the 17 years of experience last 13 have been in operations with in the healthcare BPO. 

Rajaram is Bachelor in Electronics Engineering and an MBA in Marketing. He recently completed his Advanced Management Program from IIM (Bangalore) & ESADE Business School Spain and is a certified coach with ICF.

His specialties include managing Large operational teams, People development, Operations management, Solution standardization, Maturity Models, Business Process Management, Customer Relationship Management as well as managing processes across geographies with a P&L responsibility



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